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All Natural Shower Gel

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100% all natural and made with the finest ingredients.
It is absolutely everything that your skin deserves!

8 oz Bottle
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Contains no artificial color, propylene glycol,
Germaberi II, or laurel sulfates.

All Natural Shower Gel Ingredients:
Purified water, potassium hydroxide, 
glycerin (vegetable derived), olive oil,
coconut oil, and oleic acid (omega 9).

Shower gel, sometimes referred to as body wash, is similar to liquid soap which can be used to wash while showering. Many people prefer to use shower gel because it is easier to handle than bar soap and does not leave soap scum residue in the shower.

More expensive shower gels use only slightly higher quality ingredients with longer lasting fragrances, but the majority of this price difference can be attributed to increased marketing and advertising costs.


Shower Gel Tip:
You can make the most of your shower gel by washing with a mesh bath sponge. This will help create a rich foaming lather. You can also stretch your shower gel by diluting the product with water since most shower gels are much more concentrated than necessary.

*Most shower gels can be diluted with 25-50% water without a noticeable effect on performance!
Source: wisegeek



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