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Why Use Emu Oil?

When you use emu oil you are giving your body many of the essential fatty acids it needs, and things like Omega 3 are important for your skin's health and for your overall health as well. What you put onto your skin gets absorbed into your body and is then typically carried to many different cells and internal areas.

When you consider the benefits of this oil you may be surprised at how it can help your skin and even your health overall. Many today are realizing how important it is to give the body the right nourishment, from the inside and from the outside.

When you use emu oil you are then not just protecting your outer layers of skin but feeding your body's cells. Here are some simple tips for understanding the benefits when you use emu oil for yourself, and use it on a regular basis. Softening the skin. There are many reasons you might use emu oil on your skin, for its health and for its protection.

Emu oil is one of the closest to natural human skin oils and so there is typically no irritation or allergic reaction by anyone that uses it. This also means that you can use it just about anywhere on the body without irritation, including your teeth and gums, your face, and even around your sensitive eye area. When you use emu oil on your skin it will be absorbed quickly and easily and keep it soft and supple. Many people don't realize how important it is to keep their skin moisturized and hydrated, even if you have naturally oily skin.

When you use emu oil on your skin you are filling in the small cracks and pores of your skin with natural oil and this keeps it from pulling away and cracking even more; this is why many get sore hands and feet during the cold months, because their dry skin is pulling away from itself. When you use emu oil regularly you are protecting your skin's health and making yourself more comfortable as well. Protecting the skin. The oils on your skin do more than make it soft; they actually protect the skin from dust, pollutants, and other irritants.

When you use emu oil on your skin you are helping to block out these elements that may cause those rashes and other skin problems. This means healthier skin overall and in turn this can mean fewer health problems. When your skin is irritated, the body's immune system works harder to protect it. When you use emu oil to protect the skin, the body doesn't need to work so hard to keep it healthy. There are many benefits when you use emu oil versus other commercially produced lotions that contain harsh chemicals. Keep this in mind when considering how to maintain your skin's overall health.

Hundreds of customer testimonials prove beyond any doubt that all natural emu oil is effective for an array of ailments and you will benefit when you use it!


1). Soothes the pain of arthritis

2). Reduces bruising

3). Takes the burn out of sunburn

4). Helps prevent peeling after sunburn

5). Helps prevent blistering

6). Soothes inflammation

7). Relieves the sting of insects

8). Softens your hands and cuticles

9). Moisturizes your skin

10). Revives your tired muscles

11). Soothes your chapped skin

12). Helps heal insect bites

13). Reduces swelling

14). Great for baby care, diaper rash & more

15). Prevents soreness after exercising

16). Increases your mobility

17). Relieves and reduces pain from tendonitis

18). Reduces pain in post radiation burns

19). Helps relieve growing pains

20). Helps prevent razor burn

21). Softens your dry skin

22). Helps pain of carpal-tunnel syndrome

23). Relieves itchy skin

24). For seniors, thickens skin/reduces fine lines

25). Helps prevent scarring

26). Reduces stretch marks

27). Helps control acne inflammation

28). Reduces swelling of sprains

29). Strengthens weak nails

30). Conditions hair

31). Helps chapped lips

32). Relief of muscle cramps

33). Great for massages, used by many salons.

34). Softens calluses

35). Reduces itching and flaking of psoriasis

36). Aid for relieving and prevention of bed sores

37). Revive tired eyes and puffiness

38). Protects skin from chlorine irritation

39). Diminishes wrinkles

40). Calms flare up from rosacea

41). Reduces the appearance of age spots

42). Relieves eczema

43). Great for after bath, after sauna, or after spa

44). Soothes skin after waxing

45). Aids healing of cold sores

46). All 50 benefits here are also for pets! Plus,
add a teaspoon of pure oil to your pets food for
all the same reasons we take the soft gelcaps.

47). Helps alleviate headaches

48). Gives your skin a youthful appearance

49). Promotes healthy skin and nails

50). Speeds the healing process



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