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Emu Oil Depot Customer Comments
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Hello Mr. and Mrs Magness;

I had heard of Emu Oil but thought it was just more Hype.

I'm a Racquetball Player and hurt my shoulder nothing over the counter worked so I went to the
Dr. and had an X Ray, no major problem, just inflamed and he gave me an RX for Naproxen.
When I got home I looked the drug up and the side effects were terrible so I went back online and
looked again at Emu Oil found your website and called and talked with you and ordered some oil.

With in 48 hours my shoulder was better but still not right. In two weeks I was back on the
Racquetball Court and have been pain FREE ! The thing is I did nothing different in my diet or
Vitamins, just rubbed in Emu Oil before and after I played Ball.
I have been pain free for months. No Kidding.

About My Hair:
Then I once again looked up Emu Oil when I was having super dry hair and the products I used
were not helping and I use Aveda Products not some super market junk.

I saw that Emu Oil had wonderful results on hair so that day I rubbed in the Emu into my
hair and left in on for over an hour while I went fishing in the AM.
When I got home I took a shower and shampooed my hair and just let it dry.
Once my hair was dry I was amazed how it looked. I have only done this twice but it was even better the next time. So this week I will put the Emu Oil in my hair over night and see the results.

Now I have to say this I'm just a first time customer, I never knew Emu Oil Depot from any Depot
but now I'm a believer in the Emu Oil Depot. I even ordered some silk skin creme to try.

Last but not least, I'm 65 years Young!




I purchased Emu Oil Capsules for my mom who is 80 years old and suffers with extreme joint paint.  The swelling she had in her hands, elbows, shoulders, knees and ankles has all gone away, thanks to Emu Oil Capsules.  She stopped taking all medications and just took your capsules.  She had been suffering for so long with this problem and after taking the capsules, no longer has to.  I just want to say thank you.  I no longer have to see my mom suffer so much.

On another note, I will soon be ordering more things for her.  Some of her friends also want to purchase this product and I will be helping them by ordering it for them.


Hi Ray,

You are so welcome!   It is always a pleasure doing business with you. As I've mentioned before, yours is the best emu oil out there.  As a massage therapist, I use it full strength on clients that suffer from acute or chronic pain, with amazing results!  When they ask where they can purchase it, I always refer them to your website.  Thank you for consistently putting out a product that is top of the line - and you can quote me on that.

I pray that you and Sherriee will have a very blessed Christmas and New Year!

Most sincerely,


Hi Ray

I was in the emu business for many years. I have had experience with emu oil distributed by many many different companies. I can with great certainty say that your emu oil is THE best hands down. Thank you for a great product and please never change a thing with respect to your rendering of oil.

Formerly dba Hidden Acres Emu

Dave Bickert

Hi Mr. Magness,

You can use this letter as a testimonial if you would like.  Your emu oil lip balm is the only lip balm that remains effective throughout an entire day. My wife and I were using B---'s B--s but it all it did was coat our lips and they remained dry and chapped.  The emu oil lip balm actually healed our chapped lips and kept them moist. It is well worth the price as we don't have to apply it as often and it last for a long time.

Ken Adelglass

I am a long time user of Emu Oil. My feeling is that Emu Oil helped me survive a foot surgery gone VERY BAD in 1999. I developed "Osteomyelitis"... A severe form of bone infection due to a staff infection after surgery.  The Emu Oil based creams helped me with pain, swelling and healed my foot when the high-powered Antibiotics that I was severely allergic to... Almost KILLED ME. 

I was wheel-chair bound for 5 months after surgery UNTIL I found Emu Oil creams. I am back to normal today when most people don't even survive this type of infection. I truly believe the cure came from the good Lord above and Emu Oil...... NO ONE can change my mind!!!  LOL


   Just wanted to let you know that my brother, who is a deep tissue massage therapist in a thriving clinic, is using your emu oil as part of his massage oil mixture.

   As for me, I've been using emu oil for over a year...a cist grew on the bridge of my nose - over a period of less than a year it had grown to the size of one brown lentil - I started massaging emu oil into it every night and in 5 weeks it shrunk to the size of a 'pin head'!  Of course, I use it as my PM facial, hands & feet moisturizer, as well.
Love that emu oil!

White Dove Feng Shui

I have been using EMU Oil for 7 days now after suffering from 1st degree radiation burns that I receive for breast cancer. I am in my 19th day of treatment and the EMU Oil has given me back my skin. It no longer feels dry and burnt, it doesn't hurt and the skin is looking and feeling soft.

I still have 16 more treatments to go but I am now going into it with a more confident feeling that I am helping my skin from getting 2nd degree burns. Even my doctor and the technicians exclaimed over how well my skin was looking and suggested if I continue to improve they will recommend EMU Oil to their other patients.

So far, I am extremely happy and looking forward to continued smooth and soft skin with the use of your product.

Thank you.

Amelia S.

Stretch Marks:

i was not sure how to leave a testimonial, so here goes:

this is my second order and i must say that when i ordered from your the first time, my order arrived within 2 days.  that's what i call service.  i also believe that your emu oil is one of the best out there.  they are not all the same.  and i am happy to say that i am seeing terrific results on my stretch marks. 

 i have very old ones and recent ones from having 2 babies in 14 months.  i am happier and happier each day.  truly, emu oil is a miracle and i use it for everything; stretch marks, wrinkle treatment, healing ointment and hair growth.  thanks a bunch!!


Marjorie, Long Island, NY


You just sent me your Emu Skin Repair Lotion --- I LOVE IT!!!  I have a condition where my arms start itching -- enough so that not knowing, I will scratch so much that I cause bleeding.  I have Cordran Tape which I put on my arms at night (so that I won't itch myself silly and cause lots of bleeding).  So this morning I put your lotion on the area on my arms.  Instantly, the area calmed down.  It was utterly amazing.  Only one time so far today did I have an "itch attack"!

I have tried most everything on the market and by prescription to help calm my "itch attacks" and nothing has done so well as your lotion.  AWESOME!

Will you be selling any larger sizes of this lotion?  I would be first in line!!!  Please let me know.

Fabulous product!  Thanks,


Hi ray: I received my emu oil today, I just rubbed some on my knees and also took a teaspoonful  in a cup of orange juice. I feel better already. thanks to you and your company.  I will be ordering more when this gives out.   leila

Emu Oil Soft Gelcaps:
Rena P. in Las Vegas has lowered her cholesterol FORTY POINTS since she started taking emu oil soft gelcaps. She takes three per day and has made NO DIETARY CHANGES!

Hello Ray!

I wanted to write and tell you how happy I am with your emu oil.  I have tried many others and yours is tops.  I received the shipment only 3 days after I placed my order which was perfect because I put a applied a product to my face that burned the skin under my eyes.  I put your emu oil on it and within one hour the swelling went down and the tiny bumps are disappearing. 

I do have one tiny problem though.  When I purchased the oil your website stated that I will receive an empty 1 oz. bottle to refill.   This was not included in my shipment.  I travel a lot and I was interested in this convenience of not bringing a large bottle with me.  Would you be willing to send me one?  Thanks so much for you help and for an amazing product.
Thanks,  Tara
(We sent a bottle to Tara that same day)


Hi Ray,
thanks for the personal notice, in the past when you have raised your prices i have found less cost for emu, but quite honestly it hasn't usually been as good a quality, just wanted to let you know, i am planning to stick with you.

My customer base is huge and i am formulating nutritional creams with the emu base, and it is helping many people, enjoy a better quality of life, so please keep up the good work. The world needs your product.
God bless you both
David Holcomb


Hi Ray,

I sent in an order for more Emu Oil today. It's doing such a great job on my daughter's sensitive skin. Thanks!

Take Care~


Hi Ray,

Externally, the oil is beginning to help my shoulder; I have a little more mobility and less pain; I hardly dare to believe it! 

Thank you so much for a wonderful product!

Best regards,


Hi Ray,

My mother is 102 years of age and this emu oil is wonderful for blood spots.
Thanks so much!

Rosemary (in New York).

I ordered the emu oil for my daughter when she was pregnant with both my grandchildren and she does not have a single stretch mark!

The order I submitted on Wednesday is for my daughter-in-law.

Thank you for the fast and professional service. Received your card in the mail and am impressed with such a classy business.

I am a 58 year old male who works out five times a week at the gym. I sweat very heavily so was in need of something that would lubricate my face. This Emu Oil works great by applying at night and by morning my faces feels so soft and refreshed.

Thank you for the great product and the wonderful business you are running. I am sure I will be purchasing other products.


Just a quick note to let you know what a Godsend the Emu Oil was for me.  I came down with Shingles about three weeks ago - on the left side of my face, scalp, and even in my eye!  It took me a few days to get to the Dr. to see what I had.  Anyway, with the assistance of Anti Viral medicine and pain pills, I am finally feeling a little bit better. 

The Dr. told me to put ointment on the scabs when they started loosening up but not to use anything which contained alcohol.  I have been putting Emu oil on my face about 4 times a day because I knew it was pure.  The pain settles down immediately, and the scalp sores are finally healing.  The oil has made this horrible experience a little more bearable! 

 I'm sure glad I tried your product, and have recommended it to several of my friends. 

Sincerely,   Joan


I had to let you know how much I LOVE YOUR EMU OIL!

Ive tried 2 other brands and found yours to be superior!

Gloria :)

I  received my order today, and couldn't be more pleased.  It came earlier
than expected, and I love the texture of the oil.  My son has a large cut on
his chin that is healing very slowly, and my pharmacist suggested emu oil to
help the healing process and avoid scarring.  

I am hopeful that it will work.  My son is not bothered at all by it- no unpleasant
scent, it absorbs quickly, and goes on clear.

thanks so much- I'll recommend you to friends-

Thank you soooo much for your product. I did not think anything would help me with my plaque psoriasis (and I have tried just about every natural supplement). After 1 month I have noticed a reduction that my skin doctor is just as amazed as I am.......... Thank you again

Portland, Oregon

Hi Ray!

I got your product today! I am a massage therapist looking for a special edge. I found it with your product! I have several clients with skin allergies and skin conditions. I used your product today just minutes after I received it on a client who gets a rash every time he gets a massage.

We have tried a number of oils and lotions. He loves his massage, but after it has always caused him agony. Today, he was completely amazed. There was no rash or irritation at all. And for myself, today was the first day my hands didn't hurt after a massage.


Thank You so very much!!!


Thanks Ray,

I am now in love with emu oil.  I am amazed at what it does.  Apart from being lovely on your skin , its also like taking 2 paracetamol if you have any aches and pains anywhere.  I am sure you will get more orders from my friends and family in England soon.  There will be a big cult Emu following. 

I must also tell you that I worked for the Estee Lauder group and this emu oil is far better than any moisturizer i have used with them. 

Thanks once again and I'm looking forward to trying the gelcaps as well.


I prayed and asked God to show me an honest, reputable Emu Oil comp. to order from, and I was led to YOU!
I have used your product for MANY things, including one you don't mention.  I have a Chihuahua and a beautiful cat, which both enjoy "licking" my oil.  I  have been giving my cat a tsp. every couple days, sometimes more, and he no longer has hair-ball-throwup!!
I am SOOO pleased with your product...I have severe osteoarthritis in my knees and back the worst, but everywhere as well.  It helps so much.  I am retired now, for a year, because of the severe pain in my knees and back.
I have been a nurse for many years, with always awalk-most-of-the-time jobs.  The past three years I have worked two jobs, from 8AM - 11PM, of which half of the hrs were spent working in a cement floor jail.  This took a toll on my body, to say the least.
I kept seeing this sign near where I worked, advertising the Emu Oil.  I was willing to try ANYTHING to help my pain.  From the first day, I was hooked!  That was in SC.   now live in WV.
I have told many about the values of it, but the majority just laugh it off.  "Yah, right..." they say.  Oh well...as long as I benefit from it, that's what counts.
Anyhow, thank you very much for sending "the real thing,"  A very helpful thing FOR ME!!

Sunny (Sondra)

Hi Ray,

I was astounded at how fast the shipment came - thank you so much!  Your customer service is superb, and you can quote me on that. Hope all is going well, and that you will have a blessed, prosperous summer.

Warm regards,


Emu Oil Depot
23853 C.R. 114
iola, Texas 77861