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Dr. Margaret C. Craig-Schmidt, Associate Professor in the Dept. of Nutrition and Food Science at Auburn University notes that the properties of this oil make it quite suitable to be used by the cosmetic industry.

Kristi Tomlin, registered pharmacist in Blackwell Oklahoma, acknowledges that the main problem with anti-inflammatories currently on the market is their side effects.  The majority of anti-inflammatories on the market today produce side effects that are often so severe, the consumer must weigh their benefits against their side effects. 

However, in the case of EMU oil, laboratory irritation tests conducted by E.R.I. revealed that even at full strength, EMU oil generates irritation levels so low that the results are comparable to that of water!

Dr. Howard Hagglund stays fit by jogging and working with a trainer.  Dr. Hagglund relates that his trainer who has bad arthritis in his elbows from an accidental kick, really likes the oil, and since he's started using it, "everybody in the gym is wanting it!"

Dr. Patty Headly, Chiropractor in Tonkawa, Oklahoma says, "When I use the this oil in conjunction with the chiropractic, the relief is quicker and the muscles stay relaxed longer, and therefore the treatment lasts longer."

Your Skin Is Thirsty For Emu Oil!

Dr. Zemtsov says, "the proof is in the results!  It has been proven and documented that the claims about the oils penetrating, emulsifying, non-irritating, non-comedogenic (non pore-clogging), and highly moisturizing effects are true."



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