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In the pictures above, the colors described are from the laboratory's Certificate Of Analysis. Of course the pearl-white is the normal color and the most desirable of the three BUT, all three samples of emu oil above are well within the AEA (American Emu Association) oil standards.

Many things can affect the color of emu oil. The main factor that affects color is almost always in the processing. Proper processing is slow, tedious, and difficult. Experience is critical and is almost always the difference in high quality emu oil.

Pearl-White: In the picture above, the pearl-white came out of the refinery perfect, which is almost ALWAYS the case (with properly processed product).

Yellow: In the case of the center picture above, yellow, the boiler at the refinery shut off during refining and caused the "less than satisfactory" color.

Brown: In the case of the picture at the right above, brown, there was a "rolling blackout" by the power company which shut down the refinery for 30 minutes during refining.

Clear: Clear emu oil (below) is produced in a couple of ways. The unrefined sample below (rendered oil), has been left to stand for a couple of days and it has separated. The top half is clear. It LOOKS superior, but it isn't even refined. Clear emu oil can be produced in the refinery by a process called "winterizing." It is VERY expensive and doesn't produce a superior emu oil. It only LOOKS superior because it is clear.

Clear emu oil should be priced at twice the cost of regularly refined emu oil. If it isn't, it hasn't been "winterized." Regular, normally refined emu oil is just as effective and safe.

Clear Emu Oil

So again, there are many factors that can affect the color of emu oil, and in the situations above (excluding the clear), the laboratory Certificate Of Analysis would be well within the standard. If the color of the oil is caused by processing errors, the result always shows in the laboratory report (Certificate Of Analysis - COA).

Pearl-White Emu Oil - Grade A

We save the test results from every batch that we have refined. This way, if you prefer you can simply phone and we can verify the test results for you, or email you the laboratory COA (Certificate Of Analysis) from that batch. You can be confident the emu oil you'll receive is absolutely fresh AND far exceeds the standards set by the American Emu Association.

When you purchase emu oil, just verify that it meets the standards set by the AEA. You can see the AEA seal of approval right from the refinery on our emu oil below.


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