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All Natural Emu Oil Lotion
In Three Pleasing Fragrances




Emu oil lotion will leave your skin feeling and looking soft, radiant, and hydrated. It is important  to lubricate your skin in order to keep it soft, supple and functioning more effectively. Emu oil lotion gives your skin a healthy, glowing appearance.

No product can make major changes to your skin overnight, but daily moisturizing with a natural product produces noticeable, lasting results and pure emu oil is the perfect product to help reverse the effects of skin aging.

The natural moisturizing ingredients found in our emu oil lotions have been carefully selected to replenish, nourish, soften and sooth your skin. Our complete line of lotions covers your every skin need, from the heavenly aromas of lavender and citrus to our unscented soothing lotion made for the most sensitive skin. Each emu oil lotion contains no harmful additives such as petroleum waxes, fillers or artificial chemicals.

Moms who are concerned about using skin care products on their children that contain potentially toxic ingredients are also discovering what safe, all natural emu oil lotion can do for their child's skin issues.

All Natural Ingredients - Unscented:
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Distilled water, 100% pure emu oil, Avocado oil,
Glycerin (vegetable derived), Stearic acid,
Emulsifying wax, Local Beeswax,
Aloe vera concentrate,
Grapefruit seed extract (from certified organically grown grapefruit)



Customer Comment


You just sent me your Emu Skin Repair Lotion --- I LOVE IT!!!  I have a condition where my arms start itching -- enough so that not knowing, I will scratch so much that I cause bleeding.  I have Cordran Tape which I put on my arms at night (so that I won't itch myself silly and cause lots of bleeding).  So this morning I put your lotion on the area on my arms.  Instantly, the area calmed down.  It was utterly amazing.  Only one time so far today did I have an "itch attack"!

I have tried most everything on the market and by prescription to help calm my "itch attacks" and nothing has done so well as your lotion.  AWESOME!

Will you be selling any larger sizes of this lotion?  I would be first in line!!!  Please let me know.

Fabulous product!  Thanks,


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