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Emu Oil Recipes By Rachele
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Rachele W has sent in her suggestions for a substitute of emu oil soft gelcaps and it is a winner! She includes pure emu oil in some of her recipes and the results are tasty! Please feel free to share her great healthy hints with everyone.

Rachele says:

Hi Ray,

I have recently received my first order of Emu oil and capsules, and after receiving your confirmation that the oil from the bottle is ingestible, I have experimented a little.

1). Adding it to salad dressing, reducing the amount of olive oil; the Emu oil blended in very well and the result was a very smooth vinaigrette dressing!

2). I also added a teaspoon of Emu oil to a scrambled egg mixture (1 teaspoon per egg) and cooked on very low heat; this takes a while but makes such tender, creamy scrambled eggs!

3). Emu oil combines very nicely with nonfat yogurt, giving it a smooth and creamy feel. I use a teaspoon (or more) of pure Emu oil per 6oz of yogurt. 

4). Mix 1 tbsp emu oil with two tbsp butter at room temperature, then refrigerate.  This spreads  well on bread and you still have the butter taste.  When the mixture comes right out of the fridge, it is not as hard as butter and it then softens more quickly than butter. 

5). Adding emu oil to sour cream, nonfat cottage cheese and yogurt also works well.  I've even added it to whipped cream which then becomes a little softer but retains the whipped cream flavor.

6). And now for the things that did NOT work:  I tried mixing some emu oil into soup (both clear and cream) after taking the soup off the stove and putting it into a bowl, but unfortunately, the oil rises right to the top and forms an oily film which does not look appetizing and tastes funny.  The same happened when trying to mix it with milk.

The next thing I'll try is using emu oil in mayonnaise.  What will we call it, Emu-naise? I'll report on that as soon as I have a chance to make a batch.

Thank you so much for a wonderful product!

Best Regards,


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