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Emu oil demand has grown so fast, you see terms like "Organically Refined" - "Pharmaceutical Grade" and "Cosmetic Grade" among others.

The same refining methods and equipment that has always been used for refining the consumable oils we all use every day, will easily produce a quality emu oil that is well within American Emu Association (AEA) standards. In truth, the "Organically Refined" - "Pharmaceutical Grade" - "Cosmetic Grade", etc. processes are unrealistic and unnecessary. Check out " Marketing Ploys."

It is possible and easy to find all sorts of "problems" in any product on the market with enough lab testing. Again, the same refining methods and equipment that has always been used for refining consumable oils will produce grade A emu oil that is absolutely suitable for any application you desire including orally ingesting the oil (a common practice).

After normal refining with no harsh chemicals, emu oil should be lab-tested to insure it meets or exceeds the American Emu Association (AEA) emu oil standards. Emu oil that is lab tested and meets these standards is grade A emu oil and is suitable for any application you desire, topically or orally.

So, when you purchase emu oil, just verify that it meets the standards set by the AEA. You can see the AEA seal of approval right from the refinery on our emu oil below.


We (at EmuOilDepot.com) have been personally involved in the refining of hundreds of gallons of emu oil and there really is no stopping point in the refining process that will yield different grades of emu oil. The refining process is totally closed and inline from start to finish. Learn about Emu Oil Production Here


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