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Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream
With Emu Oil & Much More!
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There are so many anti-wrinkle, skin care, anti-aging products that it is hard to know what is best for YOUR skin. Important things to consider about your face cream: is it all-natural, is it effective, and is it reasonably priced?

Emu oil face cream is your best bet for all three concerns. It penetrates your skin quickly and effectively, leaving a full, firm skin texture without being greasy. Anti wrinkle emu oil face cream tightens and hydrates immediately providing positive long term skin care effects.

Anti wrinkle emu oil face cream is soothing, safe for every day use, and does not clog your skin pores.

Anti wrinkle emu oil face cream is formulated to replenish skin, nourish skin, and restore it to a healthy look and smooth feel.

All Natural Ingredients - Unscented:
Distilled water, 100% pure emu oil, avocado oil, glycerin,
(vegetable derived), stearic acid, emulsifying wax, local beeswax,
aloe vera concentrate, & grapefruit seed extract ,
(from certified organically grown grapefruit)


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