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Emu Oil - Gum Disease Remedy
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Emu oil is effective as a gum disease remedy.

Article by Deb H.

About five years ago during my semi-annual visit, my dentist informed me that I had gum disease. I had deep pockets between my teeth and my gums were swollen and bleeding. My dentist recommended that I see a periodontist.

Being somewhat of a coward at the thought of surgery in my mouth, and somewhat poor, I asked what could be done to at least postpone the visit to the periodontist, and the surgery that was sure to follow. His suggestion was floss, floss, floss and come in for teeth cleaning every 3 months. Well... I have followed the second half of his suggestion religiously. Enough said!

My gums have gotten better over the years, but not to the satisfaction of my dentist. My gums were still bleeding about halfway between my visits, and I still had some deep pockets. But not anymore! My last visit to the dentists (May 2, 1997) left both the technician that cleans my teeth, and my dentist, who looks me over when she is done, just amazed.

My gums did not bleed during the cleaning for the first time, and when the dentist prodded around my gums, even he couldn't get them to bleed. He kept commenting on how "firm" my gums were, and that he couldn't find any deep pockets anymore.

"What have you been doing?" asked my dentist. I replied with a big, clean smile, "I've been brushing every day with emu oil!"

To say that he had a puzzled look on his face is an understatement. I explained about what emu oil is. I told him that every day I put a drop of emu oil on my toothpaste, and brush. That's it. He said he is going to have to look into this emu oil!

Who knows where this could lead? I can see dentists giving free 1/2 oz. samples to patients with bad gums. I can even see a major toothpaste company with a new "gum care toothpaste" with emu oil. With all the medical studies being done with emu oil, let's get the dental industry involved too! If it worked for me, it's surely working for other people.

Source: Emu Today & Tomorrow

Emu Oil TIP:
Not only is emu oil an effective gum disease remedy, you can also save toothpaste AND get healthy gums! Commercial advertising shows toothbrushes loaded end to end with toothpaste in order to sell more toothpaste. In truth, half the toothbrush is plenty of toothpaste for an effective cleaning.

Load half your toothbrush with emu oil and a couple of drops of emu oil on your toothbrush at the other end. The toothpaste covers the oil feel in your mouth and the emu oil really aids in healing your gums and keeping them healthy!



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