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Scars Aren't For Certain
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Rub emu oil into the injury and it will penetrate within about five minutes. You'll feel the healing sensation right away, soreness will be reduced, and your skin will soften!

Pure all natural emu oil is a very effective anti-inflammatory and it provides a soothing, calming effect, you can't find anywhere else. Pure all natural emu oil is also safe for everyone from infants to the elderly so it helps reduce scarring for everyone.

Apply 100% pure emu oil as soon as possible after your injury and massage the area daily. This will help to break up the tissue at the affected area. To further avoid scars, it is important to massage the injury several times a day with emu oil, for 2 minutes at a time.

Emu oil is great for so much more than scars, you'll be glad you found it. Check out emu oil benefits and see how much more it will do for you.

Celebrities Use Emu Oil To Reduce Scarring After Surgery:
‘High School Musical’ star Zac Efron also stocked up on jars of the cream after having his appendix removed last year. A source said at the time: “Zac applies emu oil daily to a scar he got from his appendectomy earlier this year. He can't handle having imperfect abs, and the oil is said to fade scars. It is already working.”

*Source: http://breakingnews.iol.ie/


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