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Sting Relief
Emu Oil Is The Remedy!
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You get almost instant sting relief from wasp stings, ant bites, and more with pure all natural emu oil.

Rub the emu oil into the aching area and it will penetrate within about five minutes. You'll feel the relief much faster than you would ever imagine! Emu oil is great for so many things you'll be glad you found it. Check out emu oil benefits and see how much more it will do for you.

Remove the  stinger from the skin (usually from wasps and bees) immediately. A credit card works well for this, but it is probably more important to get the stinger out as quickly as possible for faster sting relief than to be overly concerned about how it is removed.

Everyone has different advice. Ice, benadryl, butter, tobacco, Ban Roll-On, meat tenderizer, you name it. And, with most products that claim to provide sting relief, quite a few of the symptoms return within 30 minutes or so. Wasp stings are usually more painful than honey bees and the symptoms can last two to three days.

Pure all natural emu oil is a very effective anti-inflammatory and it provides a soothing, calming effect, and instant sting relief you can't find anywhere else. Pure all natural emu oil is also safe for everyone from infants to the elderly.



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