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The Fast & All Natural Sunburn Remedy
Is Deep Penetrating
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Pure emu oil is a fast, all natural sunburn remedy. It will relieve your burn pain PLUS, it will help to prevent peeling and scarring like nothing else AND Emu Oil is all natural and chemical-free!

Emu oil is all natural and can even be taken orally if needed (lots of people do). Use it as a rub on your skin to soothe sunburn for less pain, scarring and peeling. Also, use emu oil to prevent burn in the first place!

DID YOU KNOW? Skin cancer is caused mostly by sun-block products that are made of harsh chemicals, not the sun.....the sun is good for you. Your skin absorbs much more of what you put on it than you may know (see below). When you rub down with the harsh chemicals in sun-block, you absorb it just the same as if you had drank it! Pure all natural emu oil is a fast and effective sunburn remedy.

About Sunblock & Chemicals....
Your Skin Absorbs Much More Than You May Know

During an average shower, your skin absorbs as much as the equivalent of five glasses of water. Considering that, look at the ingredients in sun-block, after shave, cologne, etc. You absorb those chemicals through your skin. These harmful chemical seem to have an immediate positive effect, but in the long run, they do more harm than good.

A perfect example of this is that It is a common practice nowadays to use patches for many different applications from prescription drugs to birth control to quitting smoking. Quite often, treatments that contain harmful chemicals can be treated with all natural emu oil instead and absorbing these harmful chemicals can be avoided.

Using all natural emu oil as a sunburn remedy on your skin. It will insure you do not absorb harmful chemicals AND you get positive results.



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