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Care For The Elderly That Is Effective
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All natural emu oil gives great relief to seniors as a remedy for thin skin, bedsores, age spots, and so much more!

Caring For The Elderly

All natural emu oil is an important source of EFA's (omega fatty acids) which provide the body with what it needs to manufacture cell membranes. An inadequacy of fatty acids is one of the most widespread nutritional deficiencies among modern humans. Age spots, thinning skin, skin tears, bedsores and much more are all relieved naturally with pure emu oil.

There are no side effects, just soothing, healing relief that seniors appreciate. Pure emu oil is a miracle when caring for elderly people.

Customer Comment:

Hi Ray,

My mother is 102 years of age and this emu oil is wonderful for blood spots.
Thanks so much!

Rosemary (in New York).


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