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Emu Meat Info
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All Emu Oil Depot meat goes for pet food so none is available for public consumption. Pet owners now understand that most commercial pet food has steroids, growth hormones, and medications in it so pet owners are changing to healthier choices like emu meat.

Emu Meat Provides Natural Nutrition
That Nobody's Pet Should Be Without

Contains no growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics, and is raised in a free-range environment

*Emu meat provides better health benefits than all other meat proteins - even chicken or turkey (nutrition chart).

*Emu meat ranks best in 15 of 20 essential nutrients according to USDA

*A red meat, it is recognized as Heart Healthy by the American Heart Association

*Emu meat is an economical purchase - you are buying meat, not fat, etc.

*Can be adapted to any recipe using low fat meat

*Offers taste appeal with appetite satisfaction

*Readily absorbs seasonings & marinade

*Fast and easy to prepare

*To See Interesting Emu Meat Recipes - Click Here

* Emu Meat Nutritional Values - Click Here

Emu Meat Favorites

Emu Meat Chunks
Boxed in quart sized zip-loc bags!

.Ground Emu Meat In Chubs

Ground Emu Meat In Chubs

Gizzards - Hearts - & Livers

Gizzard - Inside

Gizzard - Outside

Emu Heart

Emu Liver

Organs average 1 lb each

A Look Inside One Of Our Freezers

To See More Emu Meat Info & Recipes - Click Here

Emu Meat Nutritional Values - Click Here

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