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Interesting Emu Oil Tips, Uses & More
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Quality Emu Oil Has A Two Year Shelf Life.

One drop of emu oil will cover an area approximately the size of the back of your hand.

About your clothing: Don't get emu oil on your clothing as you apply it. It makes a dark spot. It will finally wash away, but it takes several washings.

If you DO get emu oil on your clothing, use Dawn dishwashing soap to remove it in one washing! (Tip from Tammy S.), OR, Oxyclean!

Emu Oil is perfect for massages. Many massage therapists use pure emu oil as an effective, deep penetrating, all natural application for the best massages.

There is no reason you shouldn't get a money back guarantee when you purchase emu oil.

Not only is emu oil an effective gum disease remedy, you can also save toothpaste AND get healthy gums! Commercial advertising shows toothbrushes loaded end to end with toothpaste in order to sell more toothpaste.
In truth, half the toothbrush is plenty of toothpaste for an effective cleaning.

Load half your toothbrush with emu oil and a couple of drops of emu oil on your toothbrush at the other end. The toothpaste covers the oil feel in your mouth and the emu oil really aids in healing your gums and keeping them healthy!

The importance of
Omega 3, 6, & 9 in your diet cannot be over emphasized. Please read about it at Omega 3, 6, & 9.

Here Is A Search Link For All Food Nutrition:


When a bar of soap gets too small to continue using, you can save it by sticking it to the next new bar that you open. After your first use of the new bar it will be soft and the small piece of soap will easily stick to it! This way, your soap will go MUCH further and there is never any wasted soap OR money!

You may notice that when commercial soap bars get small, they produce less lather and they seem less effective. This encourages you to discard your soap sooner and therefore, you use more soap. Handmade all natural soap is the same thru and thru so it makes sense to save the small pieces by sticking them to the new bars you open!

Natural products need ventilation. Don't store natural soap (or any natural product) in a totally sealed container such as sealable plastic bags, etc.

Put a “puddle” of emu oil in the palm of one hand and put your fingertips in it (other hand of course). Massage it in good and do this enough to get the oil into your scalp.

Do this in the evening so it can stay on as long as possible. You will need to wash it out. Use an all natural shampoo or shower gel. We (Emu Oil Depot) have an all natural shower gel and our customers prefer to add their own emu oil to it!

The emu oil that comes bottled is the same emu oil that is in the capsules. You can mix a teaspoon of emu oil in your salad dressing, oatmeal, rice, and more! See our emu oil recipes.

You can make the most of your shower gel by washing with a mesh bath sponge. This will help create a rich foaming lather. You can also stretch your shower gel by diluting the product with water since most shower gels are much more concentrated than necessary.

*Most shower gels can be diluted with 25-50% water without a noticeable effect on performance!
Source: wisegeek

If you refrigerate your emu oil, it will of course, congeal. When you warm it up, don't use your microwave. It will damage the properties of your emu oil (and anything else you microwave).

Using waterproof makeup? Emu oil works great as an all-natural makeup remover and especially well for waterproof makeup!


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