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Sensitive Skin Moisturizer - Emu Oil!
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Pure Emu Oil is all natural & non-toxic. It is perfect as a sensitive skin moisturizer. It will not clog your pores (it's non-comedogenic), it is non-irritating to your skin (hypo-allergenic), and gentle for all skin types which makes it the perfect moisturizer. It penetrates all layers of your skin very quickly.

Pure Emu Oil is perfect for everyone from infants to the elderly.

All natural emu oil is an important source of EFA's (Omega 3, 6, 9 Essential Fatty Acids) which provides your body with what it needs to manufacture cell membranes. Emu oil is the perfect sensitive skin moisturizer. An inadequacy of fatty acids is one of the most widespread nutritional deficiencies among modern humans and all natural emu oil corrects this deficiency. This represents a serious potential health risk for children in particular since fatty acids are so crucial for proper growth and development.

Several factors allow Emu Oil to penetrate the skin so effectively. Emu Oil is a rich source of essential fatty acids, Omega 3, 6, & 9. In addition, the monounsaturated fatty acid, oleic acid (Omega 9) is the major fatty acid found in Emu Oil. Clinical research has shown that properly refined Emu Oil penetrates the skin even more effectively than oleic acid by itself.

So, since oleic acid is a great natural anti-inflammatory and emu oil penetrates the skin so well, it is very effective as a sensitive skin moisturizer. The main active ingredients that makes emu oil so effective is oleic acid (Omega 9) and linolenic acid (Omega 3).

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Customer Comment:

Thanks Ray,

I am now in love with emu oil.  I am amazed at what it does.  Apart from being lovely on your skin , its also like taking 2 paracetamol if you have any aches and pains anywhere.  I am sure you will get more orders from my friends and family in England soon.  There will be a big cult Emu following. 

I must also tell you that I worked for the Estee Lauder group and this emu oil is far better than any moisturizer i have used with them. 

Thanks once again and I'm looking forward to trying the gelcaps as well.



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