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About Emu Chicks

Emu chicks need a lot of attention until they're around six weeks old. Free choice feed should be available at all times (for all emus).

Cleaning Emu Chick Facilities

Everything from rice hulls to woodchips has been tried in barns for raising emu chicks on. Most with minimal success. The best, fastest, easiest to clean item, is carpeted rubber-backed mats. The chicks will not slip on them and they can be easily and quickly changed. The soiled mats can be hung and power washed for the next day.

Chicks In Barn, Two Days Old (First Hatch Of Season)

In the picture above you can see the cubicles (6 x 6) with automatic waterer (gravity-operated), feeder, and heat lamp. The portable wooden panels are only used for three to four days to help contain the warmth. You can see the carpeted rubber-backed mats that are changed daily.

Emu Chicks 4 Weeks Old

Emu Chicks 8 Weeks Old

Emu Oil Depot Chick Videos

Emu Chicks In Brooder

Chicks - 48 Seconds


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100% No Questions Asked Guarantee

We know quality emu oil because we have taken an active hands-on part in refining hundreds of gallons of emu oil that is lab-tested for certification. That is why we confidently offer a 100% money back guarantee.


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