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Incubating Emu Eggs
At The Emu Oil Depot

Incubating eggs of any species is more complicated than most people think, and when it is a business, success is critical. Everyone understands that proper temperature must be maintained, but humidity is just as important to maintain, and much more difficult.

Emu Egg Incubator Controls

The controls above from left to right are, temperature indicator, humidity indicator, power, heat, humidity high-low, work lights (inside unit), alarm, and automatic turner. This unit has just been powered up and when it is "cooking" the temp will settle at 97 degrees (to the tenth of a degree) and the humidity will settle at 34%.

Emu Egg Incubators At The Emu Oil Depot

These incubators will hold 84 eggs and are turned automatically. There are three shelves of 28 eggs each. Smaller, less expensive incubators will "turn" eggs too, but only by tilting the shelves 45 degrees or so and that isn't enough. These will tilt enough that daily turning by hand isn't necessary.

While eggs are incubating, they give off carbon dioxide which is what people exhale. After all, there is a living animal in the egg and it is porous enough to allow for that. The incubators must each be vented outside in order to avoid smothering the eggs which require as much oxygen as a living chick would. In the event of a power failure, incubators are not kept closed as is generally thought, but they are opened to allow for ventilation. Of course, generator backup for everything on an emu ranch is available and necessary.

Emu Oil Depot Incubation Videos
Please Allow A Short Time For Videos To Load

READ> When a chick of any kind is hatching it appears to be common sense that you should help them out of the shell. They struggle so much it looks like something is wrong for certain. It isn't. This is Mother Nature's way of insuring the bird will be strong enough to quickly stand on its own in a very short time after hatching and be able to travel with its parents. Its "survival of the fittest" so to speak.

READ> Actually, helping a bird out of the shell is the worst thing you can do. If you interfere with Mother Nature, the chicks are never able to function properly and it may take a week or so, but they always die.

Eggs are moved from the incubator to a hatcher at 46 days. They will hatch from 48 days to 52 days. The hatcher has compartments for each egg-chick and is the same temperature/humidity as the incubators. Chicks can't hatch in an incubator because the shelves tilt every 4 hours, and the make a huge mess with a "fluff" they give off as they dry, so a good hatcher is a must.

Emu Chick Chirping From Inside The Egg - 15 Seconds

Emu Chick Hatching - 17 Seconds


Emu Chick In Hatcher #1 - 47 Seconds


Emu Chick In Hatcher #2 - 50 Seconds


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