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About The Emu Bird

Emu Oil And Emu Meat Comes From The Emu Bird

Emus At The Emu Oil Depot

Emus are in a class of flightless birds called "ratites" with birds like the ostrich of Africa, the rhea of South America, and the kiwi and cassowary of New Zealand. Unlike other flightless birds, ratites have no keel on their sternum (no breast), hence the name from the Latin ratis (for raft).

Without breast tissue to anchor their wing muscles, they could not fly even if they were to develop suitable wings, as the ostrich has. An emus wing is only about the size of your thumb and it has a claw on the end which indicates it has evolved from a leg.

Rare Parrot Beaked Emu Rooster At The Emu Oil Depot

Emus are about five feet tall at about one year old and a mature adult will weigh around 125 to 140 pounds. Emus are basically docile and are not aggressive. If they are being handled they can be rough, but its only from trying to get away. Yearling emus appear aggressive but are only immature and their curiosity makes them seem aggressive.

Emu hens lay eggs but they do not "sit" on them, the roosters do. After a rooster collects eight to ten eggs, he will incubate them. It takes fifty days to hatch an emu egg. A chick is about 6 inches tall and will be five feet tall at one year.

Emus can run about 30 miles per hour.

Emu hens make a booming-drumming sound. Roosters make a grunting sound much like that of a hog. You cannot tell hens from roosters just by looking at the birds.

Emu Meat

An adult emu will yield around 25 to 30 pounds of meat and 20 to 30 pounds of fat. Emu meat is tasty and healthy. All of the nutrition info is located at: EmuOilDepot.com/emu-meat-nutrition

All emu meat from the Emu Oil Depot goes for pet food. People are learning that most pet food is loaded with growth hormones and steroids (just like meat at the grocery store) and they are feeding their pets with healthy meat.

Sherriee With Rare White Emu From Divine Dromaius

An emu has what is called a "primitive" brain. Not capable of learning. Cattle can learn things and make decisions. For instance, a cow can locate a gate and decide that is the place to escape. Or, cattle can be called to a location for feeding by blowing a vehicle horn, etc. These things are not possible with emus because they are not capable of making decisions or learning anything.

Emu oil production is no different than any agri-business in that everything revolves around the ranch operation and the quality therein. The Emu Oil Depot owns its own ranch of over 100 acres and we keep an average of five hundred emus year-round. The Emu Oil Depot even hatches its own emus so nothing comes from another source.

We produce every drop of emu oil we sell and we're able to personally monitor every part of the operation SO, when a shipment of emu oil OR emu meat goes out, we can have confidence it is of the highest quality.

Always buy your emu oil from a company that owns emu birds and produces the emu oil themselves. Then you can ask questions about feed, pastures, medications, hormones, insecticides, etc., and you can be sure you are getting emu oil that is of high quality. 

Emu Oil Depot Videos

Grower Birds - 53 Seconds

Taken On A Windy Day

Emu Breeders #1 - 13 Seconds

Taken On A Windy Day

Emu Breeders #2 - 46 Seconds

Taken On A Windy Day

Emu Feet


About The Emu Bird

About Emu Eggs

About Incubating Emu Eggs

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About Feeding Emus

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About Emu Meat

About Refining Emu Oil

100% No Questions Asked Guarantee

We know quality emu oil because we have taken an active hands-on part in refining hundreds of gallons of emu oil that is lab-tested for certification. That is why we confidently offer a 100% money back guarantee.


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